Xtina Chu (US)

Speaker (Solarpunks)

Christina (Xtina) Chu is an entrepreneur and strategist working across culture and technology with a passion for eliminating fossil fuel reliance in (and via) music, film, art and events. She co-founded an organization called SOLARPUNKS that develops bepoke renewable energy systems for organizations including Desert X, NFL and American Film Institute, and uses those resources to create community microgrids that offer free photons and BESS systems to creatives. Other work at this intersection of music and technology include concepting and creating a 500 drone light show with a 6x Grammy Award winner and an all-female engineering team benefiting women in technology, and constructing culture activation strategies for Red Bull Culture (including Red Bull Music Academy), resulting directly in headlines like “How Red Bull Became One of the Most Respected Brands in Music” (Forbes). She currently runs a creative marketing agency called BLACK MAGIC FACTORY that works with clients such as BEEPLE (including the opening of his digital art museum), Production Club ("the future of live events," according to Fast Company), and more.

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