Wlady (IT)

["WlWlady\n\n(1992 Part at DMC Championship. 7 Platinum Records and 12 Gold Records in 2015 - 2016)\n\nDJ - Artist - Producer - Remixers - \n\nOfficial Labels :\n\nSony Music","BMG","Universal Music","Armada Music","Ultra Music","Zulu Records","Musical freedom","Panda Funk","Purple Music","Do It Yourself","Casa Rossa Label","Pornostar Records","Tiger Records","Loud Bit Records","WhoreHouse","Tactical Records","Housesession","Jango Music","Vamos Records","Kluster Records","Enormus Tunes","No - Definition","Play Records","And Many More........\n\nWladimiro Perrini, Wlady in art, is an italian DJ and producer.\nYounger brother of DJ Jad (Articolo 31), takes its first steps in music in 1990. He is noticed in 1992 by the producer Joe T. Vanelli, which will work both as a composer and for the recording of different scratch in albums Original Groove and Overnite.\nTogether with his brother, but above all thanks to his skill participates in recordings of Article 31 with different scratch and as a vocalist and entertainer in \u201cCos\u00ec com\u2019\u00e8\u201d tour.\nIn 2010 his song \"Take a Ride\" is used as music across the world with Robbie Williams\/ RadioHead for FIFA 2004 Game EAsport selling 20 million of supports for Xbox Playstation etc; the same Song is used to Valero Texas Open and PGA Tour across the American state.\nIn 2014 he collaborated with J-AX to the making of the album \"Il bello di essere brutti \"(Maria Salvador is produced by Wlady), reached the top spot of the tracks more sold in 2015 and won 6 platinum records and 12 gold records. YouTube: 152.525.749 millions of views More than 400.000 copies sold.\nIn 2016 Wlady receives the Career Award in Dance Music Awards."]
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