Wighnomy Brothers (DE)

Wighnomy Brothers were an electronic music duo from Jena, Germany, composed of Gabor Schablitzki (aka Robag Wruhme) and Sören Bodner (aka Monkey Maffia). Wighnomy Brothers' live mixes include an eclectic blend of deep house, minimal techno, jazz, and soul, and their original releases are infused with a unique deep-house sound. They have released their music on Freude-Am-Tanzen, Kompakt, Vakant, Broque (fr) and other electronic music labels. Schablitzki and Bodner met in the late 1980s in Communist East Germany where they shared an interest in break dancing, hip-hop, and early electronica. Schablitzki began producing with Volker Kahl in 1996 under the pseudonym "Beefcake." By 1997, Schablitzki and Bodner became residents at the renowned "Club Kassablanca," and began producing original tracks as the "Wighnomy Brothers." The Wighnomy Brothers have toured all over the world since then, but hadn't made their United States debut until May 21, 2009 at the Middlesex Lounge in Boston, Massachusetts at the Make It New night. Schablitzki and Bodner appeared as main characters in Amy Grill's electronic music documentary "Speaking In Code," which chronicles the Wighnomy Brothers' rising popularity in the early 2000s and Gabor's subsequent break from techno music in 2006-07. In late 2009, Schablitzki and Bodner announced that they will be retiring the Wighnomy Brothers project at the end of the year but will continue DJing and producing music separately.
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