Wigbert (DE)

["\u201cIt\u2019s about the unity and harmony that music brings. You don\u2019t need to speak; the music does it for\nyou.\u201d - Wigbert\nAn artist\u2019s journey is one of constant reinvention and the one thing consistent is constant change.\nThe story of German Producer","DJ \u2013 Wigbert is one of evolution and growth, creating a bold fusion\nof his influences and an innovative imagination.\nOur siblings are often our greatest influences growing up and in Wigbert\u2019s instance; it was his older\nbrother that led him to the Underground.\nOver the years, Wigbert went on to find his own style amongst the many genres and still thirsted\nfor more. DJing wasn\u2019t enough for him now and he had to express the music he heard inside so he\ndecided to start producing in the early 2000s, which brought him seemingly immediate success.\nOver the last decade, Wigbert has finely tuned his craft and his music has become sought after and\nsupported by huge names in the industry. Because of his perpetual support from Dubfire and\nWigbert\u2019s affiliation with Sci+Tec, he has been able to remix for Pan-Pot, Gregor Tresher and the\nrequests keep coming in.\nWhat makes Wigbert special?\nThe music Wigbert creates has both equal parts of analogue machines and human input. In a\nsense, he while producing, Wigbert becomes a \u2018human machine\u2019 by becoming one with his technological\ntools at hand. His drive to create organic sound flows though the final products. These are\nenergetic, explorative, authentic and fresh as Wigbert encapsulates all elements of pure, true\nsound.\nRather than have a structured production process while in the studio, Wigbert allows his human\nexperiences and imagination roam free with the machines he uses. He opens himself up to what\nthe machines communicate in return and then channels it, just so. \u201cMusic is a infinite journey,\nmysterious and never ending.\u201d he says. His time is spent exploring new auditory avenues in his\nsonic haven.\nFrom here, we can expect to continue to see and hear from Wigbert long into the future. For those\nlooking for unique, emotional, musical deliveries with pristine quality, Wigbert delivers every time."]
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