Wietze Young (NL)


Living in the North of Holland he started his career as a DJ in 1994 playing Hardcore till 2000.

This was the year he discoverd Techno– Listning to a great set of a the Techno legend Richie Hawtin (set title: Decks, EFX and 909), he was sold wrigth a way to Techno and his love for Techno was born. From 2000 Wietze Young has played in lots off venue’s in Holland and also organized Techno Party’s in and arround the city Leeuwarden. With his own concept SPUTNIK TECHNO you can still visit one of his party’s mostly organized at The Neushoorn in Leeuwarden.

His style can be discribed as, rolling, deep, underground, original, diverce and making people wanna dance.

I have only one job and that is to make you dance!

Mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/wietz...

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