Weslo (NL)

Weslo is a DJ and upcoming producer who exhibit undeniable talent in the many footholds of today's club scene. The last few years his career has been on an enviable journey from smaller local niche stages to Holland's finest festival prime time slots such as LatinVillage Festival and DefQon. 1 Festival. As a testament to his versatile musical endeavors Weslo now holds seminal residencies at Amsterdam's most prolific club concepts such as GirlsLoveDJs, TikTak and Vunzige Deuntjes. His ongoing love affair with turntables and his rare capacity to blend eclectic music to new heights has made Weslo one of the sought-after names throughout The Netherlands. Undoubtedly one of the most captivating aspects of Weslo's sets is his eclectic palette of different genres such as Hip-Hop, R&B, Moombahton, Reggaeton, Trap, House, B'More and newer styles such as Jersey Club. The DJ's hard work and steady stream of mixes and bootlegs are widely acknowledged within the wider Dutch club scene. But not only as a DJ he brings to the fore his own unique sound and style. His raw, sexy and hybrid interpretations are used in his own work and continues to garner respect amongst fellow DJs and producers. His remix of FeestDJRuud's 'Door tot het Einde' has brought Weslo a buzz in all the right corners of the industry. While his own productions are being fine tuned as we speak, rumors of respectable labels and international career moves continue to be spread. It is thus only a matter of time the well known Weslo T-shirts will become a timeless statement of hard work and talent.
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