Weider Terlouw (NL)

When he grew older, his passion for music was growing too with him, and a few years later he started to think about music production. From thoughts came the undertaking of what he would be destined for, and started to produce his own music. Since that time he has been busy with his creative mind for making music and developing new sounds. The record label Phonocult discovered him in 2005, and signed him for his first EP on 12′′ with an Bruno Pronsato remix included. After an perriod of time, he released on labels like, Delete Music, Stock 5, Catenaccio, and others. Terlouw his music can by discribed as an blend of minimal and house, with dubby and jazzy influence, covered by mind-altering abstract layers of sound. When u listen to him, you always find new patterns in his grooves that amazes you. Weider Terlouw stands for a host of original and thought provoking tracks, and his style of music differs from time to time.
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