Waverider (NL)

Waverider is a young, Dutch DJ and producer. After a few years of experience as a resident DJ he wanted to produce his own music 24/7 and after the scene became aware of this new talent, Andy gained success as a producer of his own sound. Nowadays Waverider has had several hit records and performs on massive stages and events. And he’s hungry for more. A Scantraxx artist As Scantraxx Recordz has their fine share of talented artists, Waverider naturally belongs to their main label. Waverider and Scantraxx like to see this as a new beginning. Together they’re aiming for the release of ultimate hardstyle sounds, the biggest stages, global awareness and nothing but! Achievements Waverider debuted at Defqon.1 2010 and his amazing stage presence led to other great events around the world such as Qountdown, Decibel Outdoor, Emporium, The Qontinent and Defqon.1 Australia. He’s had huge successes with hits such as "Be As One", "No Longer", “Back 2 Life”, "TMU" and his remix of Technoboy’s big hit "Ti Sento". He’s done work with artists like Max Enforcer, Digital Punk and Audiofreq and these achievements are just a few examples of what makes him a prestigious artist in the world of Hardstyle. Waverider’s dream into the future Waverider was born in The Netherlands in 1988. Andy started collecting and playing music when he was only 15 years old. He gained his first experience as a resident DJ and learned how to play the crowd. This led to lots of positive feedback and various bookings throughout the country which was only the beginning of his fabulous career. Future goals As Andy keeps developing and working on his tracks, his energetic vibe and unique sound are recognizable throughout the scene. He only releases music that he feels is worthy of seeing daylight. This ambitious DJ has set himself the highest standards, which reaffirms the trust his fans have in his ability to never disappoint them
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