Kazuki Wada / DEVICEGIRLS (JP)


His work focuses mainly on video production and creative projects utilizing design.

Among his various projects, he is highly regarded for his "VJ" style of visual production for live music performances and club parties.

In 1997, he started his creative career with an art installation under a unit named "DEVICEGIRLS." The following year, during the Nagano Olympic Games, when he was doing installation voluntarily around the Olympic site with his friends from Art University, he was asked to be a VJ at the club set up for the Olympic Games. This experience was the start of his full-fledged expressive career.

In 2001, he participated in Music Producer/DJ Takkyu Ishino's solo live shows and was asked to be the VJ on the main floor of WIRE, one of JAPAN's first large-scale indoor rave events. After WIRE, he has been working as Video Art Director on every tour of "Denki Groove", one of Japan's top electronic music bands, where Takkyu Ishino is a member. At the same time, he has been performing tirelessly as a VJ for various Clubs and Parties.

In addition, he has been asked to participate in various large-scale music festivals in Japan as a VJ, such as FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL, RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL, SUMMER SONIC, etc. In 2008, he started the company "LAPTHOD" with his friends from university, sublimating the skills he cultivated on the dance floor to numerous musicians' shows as a stage director.

With the motto of being extra entertaining to both the audience and the artists, he continues to react physically to music day after day.

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