Volko (ES)

Volko is a Ibiza-based DJ and producer. Born in Brazil, son of a musical therapist, Volko was raised in the outsides of Sao Paulo before settling in the big city for 6 years in 2012, where he graduated in Music Production at the acclaimed e-music-producer-lab Anhembi Morumbi University. His acclaimed 10-hour long sets during his residency at Bali Who? and hailed gigs at Sao Paulo's underground clubs like D-EDGE and Clash Club were key to polish the style he's been gathering throughout his journey. Volko applies the same austerity and vision to his EPs. His productions has been reflected in their critical reception: his EP "The Cluster", released on the Belgium label Railroad Recordings in 2018, hit 6th position on Beatport Techno Releases Top100. His follow up EP "Get Lost" solidified his influences - electro, techno, industrial, DnB, among others - into a dense sonic experience, whilst his debut release "Barcelona" in 2016 was pivotal to his decision to move to Spain in 2019 and join the Hypnotic School team. Volko is constantly searching different ways and setups for his performances, always trying out new gear with audacious technical mixing skills. His club sets are a groovy sensorial trip orbiting around minimal, breakbeat, acid, all converged towards techno. Now settled in the white island, surrounded by it's magnetism and vivid club life, he continues his voyage and research into the unknown.
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