Vinyl Speed Adjust (RO)

As demonstrated by their choice of pseudonym, the pair are vinyl aficionados, with both of their labels pushing out nothing short of sheer quality underground wax. Their Crystal Structures imprint focuses more on old school caliber artists, with releases to date featuring the likes of Mark Ambrose, Aubrey, Thor, Exos, C- Rock/ Dubstar and Anonym. Their second imprint, self-titled as VSA Records, debuted in late 2015, and promises to curate an eclectic schedule of releases, both from the boys themselves, alongside a medley of new era artists, each showcasing their respective imaginative sound. Through their consummate work ethic and refreshing productions, the duo has unsurprisingly caught the ear of some of the industry’s leading and most illustrious figures, and with every one of their releases fast becoming a commodity for some of the finest A&R tastemakers on the circuit, Vinyl Speed Adjust are unquestionably two of Romania's most inventive and promising talents.
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