Vinjaz (VN)

The electronic DJ/MC duo, previously known as DJ Bee and MC Goku, have an amazing chemistry with each other and that translates to how the crowd responds on their presence on stage. The way how Bee can read the crowd and blast the energy on-stage to make a connection with the audience and how Goku anticipates on every beat that is passing by him and stir every drip of energy into huge explosive moments. This combination made them one of the most sought dance artists from Asia and played at many prestigious venues and huge festivals in Asia, New-Zealand and Europe. VINJAZ are born entertainers, moulded from their dynamic and energetic spirit and roots, they bring everyone around the world, a show with explosive and bombastic sounds, presence and a high octane level of energy. Like true ninja’s they are capable to adept to their surroundings and bring a lot of impact on stage which leaves the crowd feeling fuelled up and ready to go on and on. They are capable to bring the crowd into their world and guide them through their musical landscape and journey.
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