Vatican Shadow (US)

Beginning in 2010, Vatican Shadow blended sinister ambience with concrete percussion, luscious synths, and metallic drums created by separating stems onto cassettes, which were then re-layered and collaged live. Weaving the cassettes into each other like one would use turntables, the soaring strings and mysterious broken rhythms were first heard on the 100-copy, cassette-only ‘Byzantine Private CIA’ for his label Hospital Productions which began in 1997. Ten more of these limited releases would follow between 2011 and 2012 on Hospital Productions. The first of these tapes pressed onto wax was ‘Kneel Before Religious Icons’, quickly followed by the ‘Iraqi Praetorian Guard’ 12", which featured a masterful remix by Regis. Following up on his Berghain residency and joining Ostgut Booking, Vatican Shadow’s ‘Rubbish Of The Floodwaters’ EP casts a full spectrum picture of where the project was born and where it headed.
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