Van Hoick (ES)

Van Hoick is one of the young gems of the Spanish electronic scene and with a great international projection ahead of him. He has proven this with his latest single “Panda Party” which went viral in Spain entering the Top 50 spanish viral chart, and after creating a charity event called “48h Non Stop” where Van Hoick performed for 48hours in collaboration with a food bank. Van Hoick stands out for having been at the emblematic club Privilege Ibiza. In the past, Van Hoick has been in charge of producing the annual anthem of Privilege, one of the most important music sessions in the history of dance music. He has generated interest among promotors and international clubs since he first started producing dance music. Before having been at Privilege, Van Hoick has been in Amnesia Ibiza, has performed in several European countries including Italy and Germany and has even crossed the Atlantic and given concerts in Central America. Within the following weeks an international tour, part of the Privilege World Tour will be announced. Thanks to his distinguished style and personal taste which define him as an artist, Van Hoick has produced the compiling CD Privilege Ibiza 2016. During his music sessions, Van Hoick has proved to have a magnificent musical taste by mixing in perfect harmony songs of different genres and adapting to his audience who never resist dancing. His music sessions which are characterized for being energetic and versatile are the key to his success making him one of the greatest international EDM artists.
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