Van Anh (NL)

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Amsterdam based devotee Van Anh is a DJ pur sang with over a decade of experience to her name, making her the respected artist we get to enjoy today. Her sincere love for digging, selecting and technical mixing oozes through every vessel of her body. The name 'Van Anh', which translates to 'clouds', fits her hypnagogic magnetic way of mixing like a glove, allowing her to withdraw from any fixed-genre sets and rather resonate to the sound waves of her liking. Very much like clouds, her sound takes on multiple shapes and forms varying from deep ethereal ambient to hard uncompromising techno. Never monolithic, what makes listening to Van Anh so enjoyable is the intricate way of combining all these sounds, bridging music from the past and the present. That she knows how to shepherd an audience is underlined by her residencies at Den Haag based The Crave and Rotterdam based Transportbedrijf. The latter is a continuation of Perron, Rotterdam's underground hotspot that has welcomed some of the biggest names in electronic music. Whether it's a warming-up, the peak of the night or a closing set, she will seamlessly move you on the dance floor. Besides from having shared the stage with several heavyweights, Van Anh also hosts her own event in Rotterdam called Isotoop - a platform created to explore projects and experiment with sounds as she pleases. The concept is all about channelling new expressions of creativity further into the unknown, in a genuine attempt to open people's minds to new sounds.
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