Underdeep Inc (IT)

Underdeep Inc. is a House Music Project made by a couple of italian married DJs, Silvia Riolo LaDj and Max Riolo, created to convey the house music sound in any form! Silvia Riolo LaDj: She graduates in foreign languages and starts her artistic career in theatre, cinema and dubbing, then she begins working as a speaker for various radio stations: her nice approach, her 360°- culture and her perfect speakering (due to the fact that she's a teacher of italian pronounciation) make her become one of the most loved by listeners. In 2004 she meets her husband Max Riolo; with him she’ll discover turntablism & djing. Her house releases marked with elegance are signed with the alias of LaDj, in a sort of tribute to femininity in consolle. Gifted of a charming unique voice that allows her to create high quality dj sets with multilingual vocal entertainment meanwhile she is mixing, LaDj has real strong skills that make her performances reach an outstanding level. Her theatrical background is a “must look at” and her approach to consolle gives since first minute a clear impression of great personality and taste. Her great taste in music choice is the key that allows LaDj to reach an outstanding level, not to mention her skills and her passion for old school sounds and memories from the past that she plays mixed with the most up- to-date tracks. www.soundcloud.com/silviariololadj - www.twitter.com/silviariolo - www.facebook.com/silviariololadj Max Riolo: Deejay, producer and remixer, considered one of the new top italian talents for his mixing skills and his 360 degrees music culture. His productions and remixes are released by top italian labels, that publish for Italy all the best producers worldwide. His alternative house productions released by indie labels worldwide find their right place in exclusive house clubs prives and allow him to create his music following his creative flair instead of music marketing rules, but with his alias he produces easy house with latin taste, electro house and progressive, that reaches national and international dance networks airplay and is highly appreciated also by club deejays. Max Riolo produces also dance tracks for movies soundtracks for the most important italian film productions. www.soundcloud.com/maxriolo - www.twitter.com/maxriolo - www.facebook.com/maxriolo
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