Umami (DE)

Robert and Sam first met in a little basement studio in a village not far from the coast of the german Baltic Sea. At that time they played in different jazz, rock and electronic bands. Together they have something to contribute to the electronic music scene with its thousands of creative and talented producers. It is not the latest clubrocking extremely loud retort deep house chord, nor a trendy new special percussions sound that will then stay the same for the next 20 releases to ride the hype. And its definitely not a bunch of africa/swing or trumpet samples combined with a state of art house beat. It’s the urge to write and compose techno songs. Not tracks… songs! Songs that dedicate themselves to the repetitiveness and intensity of electronic dance music and still fly with the emotion of real composing. They started 5 Years ago on their various EPs on Burlesque Musique – the Split-EP “I Come to Hanaetano” together with Niconé (2010), “Conquer the Night” (2011) or “We Don’t Need Words” (2012). Since then their releases have step by step conquered dancefloors around the globe. Their „Paris at Night“ remix was played in heavy rotation by Monika Kruse, andhim and many others. A remix of the classic „Sunny“ was #1 on beatport deephouse chart for several weeks. They don’t just live their musical style in the studio… but on tour as well. Singing their own songs and playing electrical percussions live on stage makes them unique. Performing their live set all over the world – including Mexico, USA, Israel, Ukraine, France, Netherlands, Italy, Ethiopia and many more – has helped them shape their sound to something truly special.
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