Uakoz (IT)

'' Uakoz '', born in Italy in 1990. Thanks to his father's ''Rock&Roll'' vinyls collection, got very early his first connection with the world of music. Pushed by the power of music, at the age of seventeen, he bought his first drum-machine and since that day, inspired by Electronic music especially fast and pumping bets he got his first connection with Techno - Techno Minimal, he start to make is own music. He got very confident in music software, always side by side with his ''Korg Electribe MX'' and external hardwares. His productions, gave him the chance to release on: Terminal - M (Monika Kruse's Label) Elevate (Pig & Dan's Label) Respekt Recordings (Spektre's Label) Italo Business (Dandi & Ugo's Label) Ground Factoy Records [Kalden Bess's Label) !Organism [Yan Stricker's Label] Riot Recordings (Frankyeffe's label) Selected Records (Gabriel D'or & Bordoy's Label) and many more. In 2013 decided to hone his skills and his studies on electronic music by attending the prestigious institution based in Milan (SAE Institute) Getting excellent results in that course he done and got the official certificate of Ableton-Live Certified Producer. At the moment his tracks are played around the world by many international artists such: Monika Kruse, Pig&Dan, Karotte, Frankyeffe, Enrico Sangiuliano, Florian Miedl and many others.
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