Tyler Mesa (CA)


What is it that attracts us to electronic music? It’s the warmth of the bass, the groove of the drums, the hypnotic melodies and lush soundscapes, but also how it helps us to connect. Connect to the sound, to each other, and to ourselves. That’s what drives me forward. I create music to inspire connection, and I put my heart and soul in to all of my productions and sets.

Since first being exposed to Trance music in the early 2000’s with labels like Anjunabeats, A State of Trance, and In Search Of Sunrise, I began soaking up as much of this emotion filled music I could. A few years later I discovered a more “techy” sound – labels like Cocoon Recordings, Hot Creations, and Crosstown Rebels were a huge influence on me. Naturally, my love for these two styles of music along with lots of experimentation along the way slowly began fusing together to create my own distinct sound: Atmospheric – Introspective – Progressive

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