Twenty 2 (GB)

Twenty2 is the collaborative project of Will Crawshaw and SecondSelf. Twenty2 is a collective project of producers Will Crawshaw & SecondSelf. Over the past 4 years, the two have been crafting a unique and dynamic concoction of exciting, electronically licked house & techno music. Not to be tied down to one sound, listeners shouldn't expect the same formula churned out on every track. The two enjoy exploring different aspects of dance music, always using groove as a start point and combining elements of techno, progressive, tech and deep house to try and create something different for every project. That same mantra translates to their sets. Comfortable exploring many genres routed in electronic music, their sound can take turn down various avenues, creating memorable journeys through the underground musical spectrum. Picking up a snowball of momentum heading deep into summer, with numerous heavy duty releases lined up across a wide spectrum of reputable international labels. Stay tuned 22
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