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Transmoderna is a hybrid collective situated at the intersection of electronic music and digital arts. It was founded in Berlin 2018. Today, the collective gathers a fluid group of artists and coders with its co-founders Steffen “Dixon” Berkhahn, music producer and DJ, and Ana Ofak, creative director and writer, cross-breeding competencies of the music industry, new media art theory, virtual reality productions, and game development. Previous art projects have been shown with Boiler Room, Fondation Beyeler in Basel, Art Basel in Miami, and Julia Stoschek Collection Düsseldorf.

“Xenopunk” is Transmoderna’s latest venture into immersive media. It is a new take on the collective’s signature AI-based digital ecosystem, as debuted at Printworks London in 2021. Conceptualised by Transmoderna co-founder and creative director Ana Ofak, the project was developed in close collaboration with digital artists Giusy Amoroso and Aaron Jablonski.

Aaron Jablonski
is a digital artist, and creative technologist from Germany, living in Berlin and working with Extended Reality (XR), CGI, creative coding and real time engines. Under the name ExitSimulation, he releases digital creations and immersive experiences.

His creations are shaped by posthuman themes as well as the dichotomy between utopia-dystopia. Through his digital sculptures that he creates in Virtual Reality he explores surreal and abstract sceneries and creatures and brings them to life in virtual dreamscapes. Aaron’s XR work is based around themes like monitoring, tracking, scanning but also examines how we could possibly achieve a healthier symbiosis with technology.

Giusy Amoroso
, aka Marigoldff, is a Berlin-based director, digital artist, and co-founder of IOR50 Studio. Her multi-dimensional, digital sculptures are characterized by crystalized aesthetics and often finished with a signature metallic edge. Converging science, technology, and nature, she seeks to share narratives of multiverses parallel to our own.

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