Towa Tei (JP)

2002, released "SWEET ROBOT AGAINST THE MACHINE" as TOWA TEI. He then moved his base to Karuizawa, Japan for even more tense production. His releases continues as follows; '05 "FLASH", '09 "BIG FUN", '11 "SUNNY", '13 "LUCKY". Besides his self production, his activity ranges from producing music for artists, TV commercials and movie soundtracks, and also branding collaborated products. '07, he composed the soundtracks of Hitoshi Matsumoto directors's movie "Dainihonjin". 2012, opened his first art exhibition "ecollage" at Tokyo and Kyoto. 2014, welcoming his 20th anniversary the remastered 3 works "94-14 REMIX", "94-14 COVERS", and "94-14" has been released. 2015, 29th July his new album "CUTE" will be released.
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