Tornado Wallace (AU)

Tornado Wallace is the production alter-ego of Lewie Day, arguably one of Melbourne's most successful contemporary exports. Day has seen his penchant for sample-heavy house, low-slung basslines and frequent Simpsons references find homes on labels such as Delusions of Grandeur, Instruments of Rapture and Sleazy Beats Recordings, while receiving a constant home in the DJ bags of Andrew Weatherall, Motor City Drum Ensemble and Tim Sweeney. Day spent a lot of time in Europe the past few years playing the role of global ambassador, but he also holds an integral role within the underground Melbourne clubbing scene. Hosting the monthly C Grade parties and co-running the local promoter agency Animals Dancing (alongside the Otologic duo and Andee Frost), Day realises the importance of a vibrant, diverse and passionate club scene—not to mention its impact on local producers. "It's always encouraging to see the music you like making working on dance floors sometimes only hours after a track's been made. For a city with a smaller population than the bigger dance music hubs (for lack of a better term), it isn't too hard to find yourself a good time. There's probably not enough people to support one specific sound either, so you're exposed to a lot of different things over a weekend. I think that's important—it hints that there is no 'right' sound, and one can try lots of different things."
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