Tommy Four Seven (DE)

In a musical landscape that’s often turning towards its rich heritage for inspiration, it’s rare to find an artist as distinctive as British born, Berlin based DJ and producer Tommy Four Seven, who has established himself as a prolific force throughout an enviable career just shy of a decade. Since relocating from London in 2008, he has gone on to position himself as a core member of Chris Liebing’s renowned label CLR, using his own studio in an industrial sector of the city as a base from which to craft the acutely visceral sound he calls his own. It was following remixes for lauded producers Lucy and Traversable Wormhole, that Tommy announced his boldest statement to date in the form of his debut album Primate. Released in 2011, it was a move that was to bolster his standing as one of the most exciting acts around, not least for it’s singular approach to sound design and refreshingly abrasive attitude. Winning him instant critical acclaim, and containing celebrated tracks Armed 3, Ratu and Track 5, it was to go on to be reworked by such esteemed names as Robert Hood, Regis, Speedy J and Sigha, before earning him commissions from the likes of Perc, Emika, Truss and Brendon Moeller. After pricking the ears of Stroboscopic Artefacts, who enlisted him for their distinguished Monad series, he now embarks upon his latest venture with Alain, of the respected One Million Mangos mastering studio in Berlin. Through Hidden Hundred – the creative platform and outlet they’ve constructed for themselves – they are set to release their highly anticipated, self-titled debut album under the moniker These Hidden Hands, a project that epitomises the intuitive approach Tommy has taken towards his work thus far. Coinciding with solo shows across Japan, Australia, North and South America, and throughout Europe, including a staggering 12-hour set at the infamous Berghain, it marks another chapter in a truly covetable career.
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