TiltHAMMER was born in 1984. in Hungary. His first contact with electronic music was at the age of 18 when he was used to visit the famous M47 Club, where were all the big Icons were played like DJ Rush, Chris Liebing, Marco Bailey and so on. It was love for the first time! After this visit he decided to be a DJ to spin the hardest beats to the crowd and kick out the roof. Really soon he had a chance to proove his talent. He played many times in the legendary Kashmir Club and he also bacame a resident DJ. His friend SveTec have seen his talent and ask him to be a part of his parties and be a member of his group called; Dreadful Beats. They made lot of parties in Club K2 with the best Djs from the scene. He was played with lots of big names on parties such as Sven Wittekind, Viper XXL, Greg Notill, etc.., and played several places in Europe like ; Wien, Graz, Linz, Zagreb, Kiev, Sala, Nove Zamky, etc.... After a year he started to make music on his own. Lots of labels were interested about his music from the beginning like Mental Torments, Cannibal Society, Animasola, AudioCode and different names like his good old friends Mike Drama, DJ Lukas, Fernanda Martins, Greg Notill and so on. His first release came out on the first hungarian hardtechno label called : Technoart Recordings. Soon the dutch hardtechno label, Mental Torments has published his first vinyl release, V/A - New Chicks On the Cock with his track; Why I am The Way I am. After this he also had a release on Animasola, Animasola EP 003 with the track; The Last Hero, and another MTR release with; Wobble Trouble, and a CD release on Datablender Records with; Afraid From Pushing. He was estabilished his own label too, called Overweight Recordings which has lot of releases. Nowadays he is working with his friend Bart Shadow and they call themselves ; ENDLESS RESONANCE. They made something new, something powerfull for the hardtechno scene. In 2013 they decided to combine their forces and make some serious bombs together. They complete each other so much. Their first release was on Animasola Records and the title is SET THE WORLD ON FIRE which was beat the charts. They also got their first remix request from Viper XXL and they made a serious bomb to him! You should have to catch the HAMMER on the next gig near you ;)
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