Tiddey (PL)

As a long time trance stalwart, Polish star Tiddey makes a brave and bold admission to DJ Mag this year. “Trance is not as popular as a few years ago when I had two to three gigs every week,” he says. “Now I have time to do other things, like re-building my studio with a new computer, new hardware and other things.” Despite that, Tiddey has still managed to traverse the planet, playing in mainland China and Hong Kong, where “there are now a lot of people who understand trance, not like here in Europe”, as well as playing many other places across the States. “I think big room EDM started to get boring to people because almost every track sounds the same, with only beats, bass and strange sounds,” he protests. “But I am faithful to my style.” Promising that his Tiddey project will carry on forever, this Pole has also recently started producing for and DJing with Nina Suerte. “She’s going very well so far, but she’s commercial and big room,” explains Tiddey. “I only sit in the backseat!”
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