Third Side (DE)

Third Side is the name for the studio creations between Steffi andLucretio and Marieu, a.k.a the Analogue Cops. Together they prepare to release the debut Third Side LP, 'Unified Fields', on Restoration Records. 8 tracks of warm, club-leaning house, techno and electro roll, shake, rattle and shimmer across 2 lovingly pressed pieces of vinyl. The result of numerous studio sessions where everything is carefully controlled in a live environment, without computer editing, the project offers a rare insight into the classic foundations of club music, arguably becoming otherwise lost in this digital age. As the Analogue Cops, Lucretio and Marieu maintain a unique position in a scene swamped by conformity, conservatism and digital (mass)production. Very much a peaceful uprising against the trend for downloads and Digital DJing, the pair play live using their colourful collection of machines, and release music only on vinyl on their self-run label 'Restoration', alongside other vinyl-only platforms run by colleagues. Their music is raw, tough, classic, funky and bold, which very much fits with the tastes and styles presented by a certain Berlin based music lover - Steffi. After discovering similar blood ran through their musical veins, the pair began working with Steffi, an established producer in her own right , with releases like her beautiful debut album 'Yours & Mine' featuring classic gear at its core. Steffi also has a long-standing connection with vinyl culture, initially running the celebrated Klakson label, and now also her Dolly imprint which promotes an edgy, analogue take on modern house and techno. Some three years ago, after getting together in the studio and marrying their collection of hardware, a more refined sound began to emerge though their sessions. Through Steffi's attention to detail came a distinct clarity; a cleaner aesthetic sculpted with more precision, and thanks to the Cops' energetic thirst for the groove, the trio found exciting new ground. Collaborations with fellow hardware enthusiast nd_baumecker ensued, and with the stunning vocals of Virginia, they forged a bright new path with their own sound. The group began to release individual EPs, firstly with the punchy 'NYX EP' and later with nd_baumecker too, as they created the visceral 'Retro Vogue / Burning EP' that quickly became a sell out rarity. Indeed, both nd_baumecker and Virginia feature on the 'Unified Fields' LP, adding to the 'group' feeling and collective good vibes. Now as the group prepare a brand new, all-hardware live show, and begin to go on tour to support the album, Third Side proves that friendship, machines and cultural awareness make a great combination!
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