The Willers Brothers (GB)

Their fate was sealed from the moment they were born, music is in the Willers blood you see from an early age there was a big influence from their father in the way of hip-hop, drum'n'bass or a variety of other styles of music. Following in the footsteps of so many before them, Sean and Liam finally found themselves sucked into the house and techno movement after a visit to the magical, mystical White Island, Ibiza. A place where positive energy emanates from the ground upwards, where inspiration is rife and countless lives have been changed forever by the overwhelming power of dance music. Upon their return to the UK they scrapped whatever else was happening in their lives, coverted their living room into a makeshift studio and began to put all their time and energy into achieving their dream of being a part of the world of house and techno. Drawing on influences such as Apollonia, D'Julz and John Dimas the brothers placed their focus on a distinctly funky, groove-driven form of electronic music that combines elements of both house and techno. Of course, mere mixing alone is not enough to carry any DJ to the top in this day and age, which is where The Willers Brothers' personality comes into play. Not afraid to go for it just as much as the dancefloor faithful when they're behind the decks, you can expect an energetic, entertaining performance each and every time. Add in their intuitive selection, ability to engage with their audience throughout their dynamic sets and you've got a winning formula! They now hold a long-standing residency at the infamous Egg London, where they have played alongside an almost endless list of the electronic music world's most famous names. Outside of their impressive residency they've clocked up appearances at clubs such as Fire, The Coronet, The Warehouse, Rhythm Factory and further afield in Spain, Italy, Romania, Austria, Malta and the Czech Republic. Parallel to their swift progression as DJs, Sean and Liam have been immersing themselves in the production side of things. Again, their musical genes have helped them to evolve swiftly, signing several releases in the space of a year. Labels such as Yuma, Yoruba & Oblack have snapped up their brand of deep, funky tech house and they continue to work away on new music with every spare second they have. To have come so far in such a short space of time may lead some people to become complacent, but Sean and Liam know how fickle the music industry can be and so continue to strive for more. With their focus aimed firmly on the future, there's no stopping them from making it all the way to the highest of heights...
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