The Cripples (GR)

SUNSHINE PEDRO Born in the 70’s in a working class area of Athens, he was lucky enough to have two parents who loved quality foreign music and a dual stereo system that was playing all day. At the age of 14, he was the kid who went with the resident djs of the club his father had (“The Orient Express Train”), to the historic record stores to carry the crates. He was infected by the “selector virus” that follows him to this day. Thousands of dance records of all eras have been his musical education as well as hundreds of hours on the decks of the bars and clubs of that time and many hours next to the dinosaurs of the kind, Greek and foreign. He accumulated a lot of experience that made him come to the conclusion that there is only one music that can be divided into two kinds: good and bad. He has played at the NYE Vinyl Junkies record store party in London as a headliner and is the resident dj of the longest running party in Greece named “House On The Beach” at the worldwide known beach bar Cariocas. The “No More Fake Disco” project that has been running for the last 5 years, is a trademark for the Athenian Disco Culture and “Walk The Night” is his newest project alongside Locke, and has its foundations on the original (dirty) dance music of every corner of the planet. Last but not least, he is currently working on an EP and a few remixes for the lovesick project so these can take them far away from here… LOCKE Jannis Varelas aka Locke was born in Athens and moved to the city Chalkida at an early age. His passion for music brought him back to Athens where he was introduced to the electronic music scene where he got involved organising events all over Greece and working with several labels. Jannis moved to Berlin in 2007 and kept himself busy throwing underground parties such as Mangali with his fellow Siopis. In 2011 he gave birth to the “MOVE” project, organising private parties in secret locations with secret lineups hosting names as Levon Vincent, DJ Qu, Delano Smith, Vakula, Margaret Dygas, Mike Huckaby, Soul Capsule, The Mole, And.id and more. The success of the “MOVE” led him to create the “Voice of MOVE”, a weekly radio show broadcasted by Just Radio. The show’s success brought the “Voice of MOVE” into the clubs and on the dancefloors. Jannis started playing frequently, sharing his sound with MOVERS all over the world.
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