The Bug (GB)

Kevin Martin has used many aliases and collaborated with a wide variety of musicians including Justin Broadrick of Godflesh (most notably as Techno Animal), DJ Vadim, The Rootsman (as Razor X Productuctions), Kevin Shields, El-P, and John Zorn, since 1997 before dropping his seminal album “London Zoo” as The Bug on Ninja Tune in 2008. It was a record grown out of the heart of London sound-system culture and multi-cultural meltdown, as much as product of witnessing the early dub-step scene in the UK, as well as a unique detonation of dancehall, grime, hip-hop, and noise onslaughts. Vocalists Warrior Queen and Flowdan featured prominently on “London Zoo”, and would be followed by collaborations including Death Grips, Earth, Grouper, Mala, Daddy Freddy, Copeland, Miss Red, Manga, Lady Chann and Riko Dan, on his equally ferocious 2014 LP “Angels & Devils”, “Acid Ragga” singles, and subsequent EPs. “The Bug” has since toured the world, including supporting Nine Inch Nails across the US, with his monstruous dub-noise shows featuring an array of fresh and rough MCs packing loads of heat on top of his famously body-slamming beats.
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