Tess Scholten (NL)

Speaker (For You Agency)

Tess Scholten (26) is co-founder of For You Agency, a company specialized in helping today’s brands reach Gen-Z. She leads a young, dynamic team known for their bold social strategies that are far from cookie-cutter. The agency has played a key role in shaping the Dutch TikTok landscape with leading creators and a roster of clients such as Reebok, Philips and New York Pizza. A creator herself, Tess oversees all creative processes within the agency such as art direction, concept development and production. When she isn’t working on client projects, Tess can be found on stage sharing her knowledge about social media, the creator landscape, and next-gen culture. Her efforts have been recognized by the likes of MT/Sprout in their 2023 list of the 25 most promising entrepreneurs under 25.

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