Teo Mandrelli (IT)

With an insatiable need to share his sounds and let the world dance to his rhythm, the producer and DJ Teo Mandrelli explores the boundaries of electronic dance music. Taking a deep dive into the many genres and bending them to his own, unique trademark, this young talent’s name will soon be much more than a roar in the underground. Born on the stunning Adriatic Coast of Italy, Teo grew up near the lively city of Rimini, home to many clubs and white sandy summer events. The perfect place for a music lover to learn the ropes of the dj’ing business. And his sets, maddening tourists and locals alike, didn’t go unnoticed. Soon, he saw himself booked in Miami, Amsterdam, Ibiza, Milan, Bellinzona, Roma, Riccione, Venezia and many other cities, spreading his sounds far beyond the borders of his home country. Though his DJ career had already begun to blow up, there was something more that Teo desired. To play out his very own productions. And so, a true perfectionist at heart, he decided it was time to lock himself up in the studio. And that’s how the first Teo Mandrelli originals were born. From the need to diversify his sound and let the crowds dance to something truly and fully his. His efforts paid off. Both Tactical Records, Kult Records, Blanco Y Negro, Jango Music released his tracks during the first half of 2015, as he kicked it off with ‘Piano In Miami’( with Luke Db and Wlady), ‘NY Affair’, “The First Time”. “Forever With You”, “Speed Up My Bass”. And he doesn’t stop his job during the 2016 kicking some cool tunes like: “The Rhythm Of love Feat. Natalie Major”, I “Believe” with Damon Grey and Unomas, “Jango!” with Benny Camaro, “Someone Else” with Redondo and Unomas; and “What You Saying To Me”. His original track, are getting full supports from the biggest djs: Don Diablo, Oliver Heldens, Redondo, Baggi Bagovic, Edx, Croatia Squad, Esquire, Antonio Giacca, Joe Stone, Shiba San, Provenzano Dj, Nari & Milani, Sick Individuals, Wlady, Daniele Tavella, Damon Grey, Thomas Gold, Sam Divine, Trilogee, AndersonNoise and many others. His Track “The First time” is been choose for the official compilation of Ibiza 2015 by Blanco y Negro and many FM radio in the world played it.
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