Tapefeed (GB)

A long period of b2b sessions culminated in the two artists merging their talents together to launch a new musical journey under the name of Tapefeed. The soundscapes reproduced by Tapefeed evoke a truly raw, deep and almost mesmerising sensation created by the blending of hypnotic ambient tones with techno-tribal percussions, heavy basslines and emotional melodies. Their ever-evolving sound comes as the pinnacle of years of musical research shared by the duo. Alessandro’s decade-long experience as a music and art director, event organiser and avid music listener are essential in keeping Tapefeed’s image and sound up to date. Rick’s background as a drummer in rock and funk bands and his recent ventures in piano studies and production, on the other hand are the driving force behind their innovative sound. This merging of their passion, musical experience and innate desire to achieve new sounds allowed the duo to broaden their horizons by being the brainchilds of Tales Collective, where they are resident djs and organisers. Tales Collective aims to explore music, art and human consciousness by moving it away from its seemingly prefabricated one dimensional view and into a realm of shared, collective awareness. This brings forth a new breed of techno parties in which different artistic expressions fuse together to create a powerful, reflective and unique audiovisual experience
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