Tantu Beats (NL)


Teun de Kruif, aka Tantu Beats, is a multi-platinum music producer from Utrecht, The Netherlands. In 2009 he was amongst the first generation of producers who started promoting their beats through YouTube. Next to running his online beat-business, which he started in 2011, Tantu works as a producer for a variety of respected artists and takes pride in developing interesting creative workflows for his productions.

Some of his credits include artists like Famous Dex (US), bbno$ (CA), Higher Brothers (China), Paulo Londra (Argentina), Merol (NL), Joost (NL) and Winne (NL). After 11 years of producing and having gained over 28 million views on his instrumental beats alone, Tantu knows all the ins and outs of how a producer can make a living in 2020.

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