TalFortus (IL)


Tal Fortus is an Israeli, Tel Aviv based DJ, artist and producer. Her musical journey began at a young age when she started playing the violin, followed by a vast musical education. Growing up she discovered electronic music and fell in love with DJing. Her eclectic style and taste makes her DJ sets colorful and versatile.

From small friends' parties at highschool she grew up to make people dance and enjoy her unique style and vibe at clubs, parties and at some of their lives' most important and exciting events. Tal got to play at clubs (Gagarin, Hive, Bavel, Collabo and more), bars, private venues, sports productions, weddings, ect.

Tal's musical selection is a mix of uplifting, soulful house music, with some worldwide grooves and tunes, and eclectic electronic dance music.

The energy and vibe Tal is bringing to the dancefloor, alongside her selected tunes, make the dancefloor an unique, unforgettable and energetic experience. There is nothing more fulfilling for her than connecting to people through the music, bringing them joy and happiness, and seeing them get excited on the dance floor.

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