T78 (IT)

It’s rare to find emerging talents in the techno scene with such an outstanding level of production quality. T78 is one of these rare occasions, and this is why he is one of the most exciting techno artists to emerge in recent years. With tracks such as Blast-Attak, Fisto, Mantenna, Grizzlor and Spikor – T78 proves beyond doubt that he is one of the most talented producers in the industry. His tracks have been immediately supported by the biggest names around, his official remix for Moby and the VPC – “All the hurts we made” entered the spotify top viral 50 all genres in UK, Italy, France, Sweden, Holland and Germany. Blast-Attak reached the number one on beatport hardtechno chart and number 5 in Germany’s Itunes downloads for all genres. Fisto reached number 11 on beatport techno chart and Mantenna is still floating up and down on beatport hardtechno chart since January 5th 2018. T78 is probably the only artist that recently had 3 productions on the first 3 positions of the beatport hardtechno chart plus several other tracks in the top 50. As a DJ he has already performed all around the globe, playing to thousands at major festivals. His weekly podcast has also amassed an impressive following; Autektone, the podcast titled after T78’s label is a weekly showcase of all the best new tracks doing it for the big man. Keep a close eye on this artists as he continues his onslaught of the techno scene.
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