Sylex Live DJ (MQ)


Sylex means "Flint" in French, an ancient mineral used to make fire.

Since Twelve Years, Mixing is his game! He loves to challenge himself with unexpected transitions, New School with Old School, there are no limits.

He finds magic in synchronizing beats and how that sweet harmony can move people. His style is a story, all music has a story, and his target is playing each of every groove until the party never stops.

His roots are deep within Afro Caribbean music (born and raised in the Martinique – the West Indies). His purpose is a precise representation of any groove from Afro music: Africa, India, North / South America, Europe, Middle East and the West Indies…

The Afro music has been the concrete of so much music and genres of groove during centuries: Classic, Jazz, Soul, Funk, Disco, House, Break Beat … and Electronic / Techno!!!

As a Live DJ, engaged in Afro History, he has the duty to dig, to mix, to play and share to the world.

When He plays, He jumps, He screams, He dances… wherever you are… in your bedroom, at an after party, or getting the night started… Sylex is here to join you!

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