Suzybee (GB)

Suzybee is the driving force behind the Mindtours label and the Freerotation Festival. Suzybee is an accomplished artist, animator and VJ. With a background in life drawing and painting, she quickly grasped the potential of manipulating digital images as computing became more powerful in the early 2000’s. Using cutting edge VJ and animation software she has carved a unique niche for herself amongst VJs. Suzybee hand-draws her own animations which she then manipulates digitally in software to produce beautiful moving images synched to Steevio’s music. Much of Suzybee’s imagery is based on natural forms, and her deep concern for the planet and its ecology has fuelled many of her animations, which regularly depict endangered animals etc. whilst always delivering a positive message. Suzybee’s love of dance music and her belief in its power to heal the human race is at the heart of her soulful style. Suzybee and Steevio’s live AV performance is totally unlike anything out there at present. It is a perfectly synched amalgamation of positive and soulful music and imagery, performed in a unique way by two artists who are 100% dedicated to dance music and its message of empathy to the human race.
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  • 2018
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