Sunil Sharpe (IE)

Sunil Sharpe is one of Ireland's most celebrated underground DJs. Honing his turntable skills at the end of the '90s, Sunil played his first club gigs in late 2000 - soon gaining a formidable reputation for his quick fire mixing and fast paced sets that were to be heard regularly at clubs across the country and in many parts of Europe (including an early appearance at Berlin's Tresor Club in 2001). In recent years Sunil has concentrated more time on his own productions, and has recorded for various labels including Black Sun Records, Komisch (as 'Tricaustic' with Jon Hussey), Labrynth, Tonewrecker, Bastardo Electrico, Mantrap and more. He has also become the first signing to Blawan and Pariah's 'Works The Long Nights' imprint.
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