Stephen Lieberman (US)

Speaker (SJ Lighting)

SJ Lighting is a design firm based in Southern California specializing in theatrically based design for nightclubs and festival environments. Formed in 2001 by industry veteran Stephen Lieberman; SJ Lighting is at the forefront of entertainment technologies. Stephen has been involved in the nightclub industry since his childhood. His first job in a club dating back to 1987, and he has yet to slow down in his pursuits to perpetuate his career and the nightlife industry. With a constant workflow of nightclubs, festivals and stage designs in the US, SJ Lighting has built up a clientele that encompasses the most successful properties and events around the world.

SJ Lighting has established itself as the “goto” brand for technology design in the “EDM” world. Their philosophy and approach to design is unique on every occasion. With a complex understanding of human interaction within hospitality environments; SJ Lighting is continually trail-blazing into the future to expand the perspective of every person who has an opportunity to experience their work.

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