Space Operator (NL)


Born in 1983. Grew up playing the piano, recording fake radio shows on tape, eventually learning to beatmatch by having 1 snare-driven turntable hooked up to one channel and a tape deck with mixes to the other, Niels otherwise known as Space Operator made his start in DJing. The SL1200s soon followed.

Playing live since the early 2000s until present day in several genres (schranz techno, house, disco), mostly using vinyl by choice. Played in Holland but also various places in Denmark, Spain and Germany. As an enormous fan of the Cybernetic Broadcasting System (having made many mixes for the platform) and the Intergalactic FM it’s no surprise that you *can* expect disco to ensue. Making a comeback since 2020 he’s been playing at bigger and smaller venues in Holland, succeeding in pleasing the crowds over and over again.

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