Soultage (NL)

Soultage is a dj and producer duo formed by Jan-Willem Mulder and Kees van ’t Klooster. The guys met at a party in Leiden where Jan-Willem was dj’ing (2012). Kees knew a lot of the tracks Jan-Willem was playing, even though his music was quite underground. His brother introduced the guys to each other, because he knew Kees was a dj as well. It was obvious the two had the same musical interests. They start to hang out and began to make some music together. The chemistry was clearly visible. From that moment till now on they never stopped making music together. In 2014 they both moved to Amsterdam to live closer to the hart of the Dutch nightlife. It was also a practical decision because they both did a ‘Music Productions’ study in the same area. After 4 years of making music together they finally released their first EP. Yes, it took a while... You can call it perfectionism. All the other home-made tracks, edits and remixes weren’t thrown away off course. They use it regularly to make their sets even more interesting. While performing the two enjoy the music so much it’s almost unavoidable to not groove along. In 2015 they posted a track on their Soundcloud page called ‘Old School Love’. Within a couple of month it had over 120.000 plays. And that was only the snippet of 1:30min. One year later they finished the whole ‘Old School Love EP’ and signed it with Magic Jams, a record label from Berlin. They also arranged solid house remix of New York house hero Jacques Renault. After the release tour in July(2016) together with Jacques Renault an Noema (one of the founders of the recordlabel) the ‘Old School Love EP’ was released. The EP was followed by a remix on House of Disco (UK). With yet much more to come!
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