Soleil Carrillo (CA)


Soleil Carrillo is a music producer and DJ based in Victoria, BC, Canada. He actively produces house originals, pop remixes, and scores for short films and video games. His genre specialty is House, but he occasionally branches out and does RnB and other EDM genres. Soleil can be found on all music platforms, including social media like Tik Tok and Instagram. Soleil occasionally live streams his DJ shows on YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook for Carrillo Music. He has a monthly residency on Terri B’s HOUSECRUNCH radio segment that plays soulful house music to over 30+ radio stations worldwide. On SoundCloud, you will find his live show recordings and pop remixes. Soleil Carrillo, in 2022, had 83,000 streams on Spotify and 20,000 listeners in
58 countries. He has also recently started an event company, Pulsify Collective, with house artist Kellari to pass on the love of House music to the people of Vancouver Island. Carrillo is just starting and will continue to perfect his craft and passion for house music

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