Sofie Letitre (NL)

The contrast between imperfection and perfection, man and machine, vulnerable and invulnerable; that is what the EP ‘Uncanny Valley’ by Sofie Letitre is about. This concept is illustrated by three unique and mysterious videos that went in premiere on the Dutch Film Festival in 2014. Sofie’s new music is very different to what we’ve heard from her until now. In November 2012 she released her debut album ‘Back Where We Come From’, with which she played in several leading clubs in the Netherlands. After having experimented a little with electronic influences, she decided to further investigate this direction. Together with her producer and band member ‘Ferdy van der Single’, she started a collaboration with Thijs de Vlieger(NOISIA). This resulted in a unique combination of dark pop and electronic music. Beautiful and intense melodies alternated by raw and heavy beats. ‘Uncanny Valley’ will be released in September 2015 on DIVISION, sister label to VISION Recordings (NOISIA).
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