So-Riel (NL)


So-Riel, full name Sophie van Riel, was born in Etten-Leur, October 1975, with a Belgian mother and a Dutch father. In 2008 she left the south of the Nederlands to settle herself in Haarlem/Amsterdam. In the beginning of the 90’s, young Sophie got into the new sound of House music and was instantly caught. She started to collect vinyl and wanted to become a DJ. In the middle of the 90’s she played many styles of dance music mainly on private parties. In the early 2000's Sophie took a short break in her career. In 2008 Sophie came back and more then ever determined to become as DJ. It is her passion, her life. The underground sound from the 90’s was the inspiration for her steady sound but she love also the new generation of techno. Sophie translates the old vibe and atmosphere of it with the sounds of the present. She play different sounds, no-mainstream techno with a raw, deep and rhythmic flavour. Sophie performed at local clubs as well as Stalker, Escape, Sugar Factory, LVC, Patronaat, Club Underground (LGU), RLCG44 and Club Noxx (BE). She also played at local radio stations, Electronation (Kink FM), XT3 Techno Radio, Rebel Radio, TechChicks and more. In march 2010 Sophie won the Female DJ Contest in Amsterdam at club Escape.

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