Sings (IT)

Andrea Vailati Canta (1982) – aka SINGS – has been passionate about music since he was a child. Learning to play vinyl’s at the age of 14, he soon became tired of performing other people’s work and decided to take the first steps to build his recording studio, and move towards music production in his early 20’s. In 2000, his style has moved closer to electronic music, in particular Tech-House and Deep-House, with a niche sound research that has allowed his work to be more unique in the deepest of resonance. As time passes, he has started producing tracks with a heavy influence of culturally diverse instruments from different ethnicities all over the world. These are the sounds that best represent him and his soul – he loves the energy they issue and the culture from which they originate. Currently, he is involved in the production of his first ep as independent musician, his track Aunt Joan has already been finalized and will debut in 2018, and with the project Kenöpsia, a collaboration born in 2016 with his friend and colleague Stefano Prezioso. In November 2018, the duo is set to play during FLASHBACK, the most contemporary modern and ancient art fair in Torino, on the occasion of Movement Torino Music Festival and Club To Club Torino Festival. During his career, SINGS has played in clubs all over Northern Italy – Nice Price, Magazzini Generali, Lime Light, Vice, Punto Zero and Vero Amore Cafè, just to name a few. He has also been the protagonist of important music festivals such as the Street Parade in Milan and the Sun Up in Crema.
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