Silvia Riolo (IT)

Is one of the best european female djs, even if she started her career almost late compared to other djanes; in fact she was "forced" (sort of) by her husband who wanted a partner who could share everything with him. Before they met, she was actually working as a radio speaker, vocalist and actress: Max Riolo was "the man" in every sense of the word. He teached her how to dj, thanks to his perfect technique (he is really one of the best djs worldwide, due to his incredible skills). Nowadays they play together with hands, ears and hearts moving and beating as they were the same human being. Their 4 Hands Special Dj Set shows how to enflame dancefloors without a can of fuel and a lighter. Playing solo, LaDj shows people what does it mean to be a diva. She doesn't like to see too much flesh exposed, her way to hit the crowd it's all about style, personality and charme, mixed with her natural hint of blue blood. Her great taste in music choice is the key that allows LaDj to reach an outstanding level, not to mention her skills and her passion for old school sounds and memories from the past that she plays mixed with the most up-to-date tracks. Her dj sets are energetic but classy, she creates always a "crescendo" that makes people dance with a bright smile on their faces. Nominated at Trend Awards 2008 as best italian female dj, she has been the most voted by web surfers; in french website Djette.com, dedicated to female djs worldwide, she is first in in a list of more than 300 female djs from all over the world.
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