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Silvahfonk his love for drum & bass began in the early 90's when he visited a drum & bass party for the first time in Nighttown, in his hometown Rotterdam. The drum & bass and jungle from, Remarc, Doc Scott, Omni Trio, Goldie, Foul Play, Ray Keith & LTJ Bukem inspired him so much that he started to experiment with 2 turntables in 1996. He learned the tricks of the trade from Nubian, who was resident of the DJ Insane Jungle parties in Nighttown in that period. Silvahfonk's first alias was "Energy", as his friends give him that name cause of his energetic personality and performance. It was so obvious that it became his trademark. In the past 16 years Silvahfonk made quite a development to put drum & bass in a creative way on the Dutch map. In 2005, Silvahfonk won two Dutch drum & bass awards as 'Best Breakthrough DJ' and 'Best DJ'. From 2005 till present, he performed at many leading national and international events like: Innovation in the Dam / Clash of the Titans, Amsterdam Dance Event, Stealth Bombers (Belgium) and London's Technicality. In 2007 Silvahfonk started co-producing deep, musical and rolling drum & bass, together with the respected producer and DJ, Mindmapper. Many tunes are signed and released, including the famous tune "Flash Forward" on the Swiss label Demand Records. Also the mysterious track "Collapse" is a recent track, released on the label Soundium X. Their productions are supported by DJ Hype, Dieselboy, Doc Scott, Loxy, Klute, LTJ Bukem, Nymfo, Madcap, Fre4knc and Adi J to name a few. ( youtube.com / MindmapperandSilvahfonk) Silvahfonk is resident at two events: Spread the Bass in Hoofddorp and IChiOne, where he is a resident DJ since 2007 and ambassador of this internationally respected music event, which started as a small "underground" party in Pakhuis Wilhelmina and has grown into a busy, beautiful, visual, musical and culinary event at OT301 in Amsterdam. Silvahfonk his roots are from the jungle sound with jazz, hip-hop, reggae and soul elements. Though he is not afraid to drop some raw solid rollers with a techno feeling. It involves creativity and feelings to tell a story during his sets, no matter which slot he has on the timetable. Variation is the key for what he wants to tell you.
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