Shoven Shah (IN)

Enchanted Valley Carnival is the brainchild of Mr. Shoven Shah. Fresh out of university, Shoven focused on increasing his association with Real estate in Aamby Valley City. However, his music addiction, passion for trance & exposure to a myriad of music festivals overseas left him craving for the same experience back home in India. This led him to create his very own one-of-a-kind music entertainment property in 2013 in a setting that would provide, as he describes, the complete music experience including camping and adventure. EVC 2016 establishes itself as the only multi genre music festival in India offering varied genres from electronic music to live genres across International Pop, Bollywood, EDM, techno, fusion and Indie along with other experimental music. Bringing together some of the most electrifying international performers that remain sacrosanct, EVC covers a vast spectrum of music with the presence of our Indian talent in the line-up.
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