Shizz Lo (US)

Shizz Lo is the solo project of Pennsylvania-based DJ and producer Shaun Irwin. His sound today is a direct result of the environment he came up in. Growing up Shaun fell in love with the hustle and bustle of the city life as well as the sound of Philadelphia Hip-Hop. In his late teens you may have caught him spinning break beat records at a local house party or in the studio with emcees such as Philly legend Tone Trump. As times changed, electronic music began to play a vital role in his production as well as the clubs he was playing at. Because of his passion for both genres, his mission is to create an atmosphere where people can experience the raw emotion of hip hop combined with the aura of electronic dance music. Shizz has shared the stage with names from DMX to Common, Lookas, Stööki Sound, Ricky Remedy and much more. Performing as direct support for major headlining acts such as Valentino Khan, Party Favor, GTA, Ookay, & Ghastly plus a number of his own headlining dates in 2017 - present. Shizz Lo’s remix of Bok Nero’s “Hop Out Da Phantom” has been featured on Steve Aoki’s radio show “Aoki’s House” and mixed into his Reunion Tour sets. Sharing collaborations with names and labels such as BBC Radio and Dim Mak Records, Shizz Lo’s varied and experienced resume continues to grow and thrive nationally as well as locally in the city he grew up in.
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